What displeases the White Tiger ?(2022)

In the Year of the Tiger 2022, who offends the White Tiger?

White Tiger

  1. Tiger
  2. Horse
  3. Dragon
  4. Dog
  5. Rat


Defining White Tiger as the Source of Taoism

Firstly, a year is split into 24 solar terms, with “Jingzhe” being the third solar term. On the annual day of the Awakening of Insects (Jing Zhe), people gather to taoist temples to worship to the Tiger God. This day usually falls on March 5th, 6th, or 7th. It gets its name from the fact that spring thunder awakens creatures hibernating in the winter and the soil begins to come back to life. The Awakening of Insects heralds an increase in warmth and rainfall. It is the day on which all animals arise from their hibernation and begin their food-hunting activity. The fearsome tiger is the most dreaded of all the animals. The Chinese would gift the White Tiger God fat hog lard, green beans, duck eggs, and incense paper. This year’s date is March 5th, 2022, at 22:42 hours.


White Tiger is a Celestial Body as well.

A White Tiger is one of the numerous constellations, and it is a nasty one. In 2022, for example, the White Tiger will enter the Palace of “Xu,” affecting people who were born under zodiac signs Dog, Tiger, Horse, and Dragon. Unfortunately, another palace “Zi” is also affected, causing the Rat to suffer as well. Because of the bad energy effect, these signs will confront challenges like villains, lawsuits, legal issues, accidents, and sickness. To escape these misfortunes, Taoist practitioners would go to the temple to serve the Tiger God on Jingzhe day (insect waking). This is because feng shui is constantly associated with religion and traditional customs among Taoist practitioners. Furthermore, from a metaphysical standpoint, remedies for the dilemma may be demonstrated.

Infringing on the White Tiger

Generally, speaking those who insult the White Tiger are referred to be “fan siew yan” in layman’s terms. Aside from the Tai Sui, it is considered as a highly frightening offence. When one displeases the White Tiger, troublemakers, crooks, and villains plot evil plans to make one’s life miserable for the rest of the year and They might be your evil family, coworkers, friends, enemies, or even your own employer. If left unchecked, one may get fired from their job, lose a good name, end a relationship, get into legal trouble, or lose money. Moreover, never underestimate a rogue. They have the ability to destabilise a kingdom. Those who upset the White Tiger will quickly become the target of a bully. Those who offend the White Tiger must also be wary of mishaps, injuries, illnesses, vile people, disputes, and death in the family.