Feng Shui 2013 Home Protection Kit


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Each year the planetary energies shift and affect us on global to personal levels. When we are able to understand these changes, know how to activate the positive energies, and neutralize the negative, we are able to be more progressive in our lives. The Year of the Water Snake slithers in to bring new challenges for all in 2013.

Feng Shui masters have always stressed the importance of protection before all else. It would be futile trying to enhance the #8 Wealth Star when the #7 Robbery Star is left to plunder and create havoc in your home.

The major yearly afflictions you must be aware of are the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), the 5 Yellow (Wu Wang), the 3 Killings (San Sha/Sarm Saat), the Sickness #2 Star, Quarrelsome #3 Star, and Violent #7 Star from Flying Star Feng Shui.


Feng Shui Affliction Chart 2013

Fortunately, the ancient Feng Shui wisdom has developed a variety of Feng Shui ways to protect humans and their dwellings from low and attacking energies.

Based on this ancient wisdom and time-tested knowledge, we have assembled a Feng Shui 2013 Protection Kit comprising 6 crucial and essential cures to protect your home.

This kit comprises:

  1. Five Element Pagoda with Seed Syllables for CENTER – #5 Wu Wang
  2. Tai Sui Pi Yao with Manjushri Sword for SOUTH EAST – Tai Sui
  3. Golden 3 Divine Guardians for EAST – 3 Killings
  4. 5 Inch Feng Shui Herbal Wu Lou for SOUTHWEST – #2 Illness Star
  5. Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque for EAST – #3 Quarrelsome Star
  6. Blue Rhino And Elephant with Water Urn for WEST – #7 Violent Star

Five Element Pagoda with Seed Syllables for #5 Wu Wang – CENTER


The #5 Yellow annual Flying Star, also known as Wu Wang is one of the most deadly afflictions of the year, bringing accidents, financial loss, and severe problems. In 2013, the 5 yellow occupies the Center palace which basically means no one in the household will be spared from its negative influence. Thus it is imperative for every home to install cures to neutralize this menacing affliction. The Five Element Pagoda is the trusted and effective cure recommended by Feng Shui masters to counter this Misfortune Star. It is also perfect for dissolving the #2 Black Star, also known as the ‘Sickness Star’ which brings illnesses and ailments to occupants. Placing the Five-Element Pagoda in the afflicted sector not only exhausts these malignant earth stars but activates the lucky 1, 6, and 8 flying stars as well. The engraved Tree of Life serves to attract auspicious energies for better luck, wealth, and health.

Tai Sui Pi Yao with Manjushri Sword for appeasing Tai Sui – SOUTHEAST


Feng shui practitioners place special attention to the place where Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) resides each year. The Tai Sui’s residence is considered as lucky, benefiting from the energy of the Tai Sui but extreme care must be taken not to offend him, as this would lead to misfortune befalling the household.

This year, the Tai Sui resides in the South East causing the Pig, Monkey, Tiger, and Snake to be in conflict with him. For these Zodiac animals who are deemed to have offended Tai Sui this year, you should avoid facing southeast all costs! However, it would be wise for everyone, no matter what your zodiac animal sign is, to follow this advice in 2013.

To appease the Tai Sui, the best remedy is to call on the celestial Pi Yao, the pet of Tai Sui. Displaying Tai Sui Pi Yao with Manjushri Sword in the Tai Sui’s presence not only pleases him, thus protecting against misfortune but also guards against the hostile wood energy of the #3 Quarrelsome Star.

As well as not facing the South East, you must be extra careful and not disturb this location as well as noise activates the Tai Sui and incurs its wrath. Remember, no digging, banging, or renovating this side of your home or office and make the Tai Sui happy – get him a pair of his beloved Pi Yao.

Golden 3 Divine Guardians for 3 Killings – EAST


The 3 Killings (Sarm Saat) is one of the special stars which make up the 24 “mountains” of the compass. An affliction star, the 3 Killings always flies into one of the cardinal directions – north, south, east, or west. This year, it decides to take up residence in the East. The misfortune brought by the 3 Killing is mainly related to loss, loss of relationships, loss of good name, and loss of wealth.

The 3 Divine Guardians are celestial creatures sent to Earth by the God of Heaven to safeguard the trinity of Tien Ti Ren (Heaven, Earth, and Man). They are the best cure to suppress the viciousness of the 3 Killings. It is said that the Chi Lin helps prevent losing your loved ones, Fu Dog helps protect your reputation and the Pi Yao helps combat against loss of wealth. Placing three-dimensional images of these divine protectors in the afflicted sectors invokes their spiritual presence and creates a safeguard for all residents.

Feng Shui Herbal Wu Lou for #2 Illness Star – SOUTHWEST


It is a good idea to take note of the location of the #2 Illness Star each year as this unfriendly star brings disease, sickness, health problems, and even death. In 2013 the #2 Sickness Star flies to the South West and if you spend a lot of time here, don’t forget to place a Feng Shui cure.

The best remedy to suppress this illness bringing star has to be the auspicious Wu Lou. Often associated with the Deities, in particular the God of Longevity (Sau), the Wu Lou is the universal symbol for good health. It is said to contain the nectar of immortality and has the power to absorb the sickness energy, storing it in its endless bottom in order not to let the sickness chi hurt you. Placing the Wu Lou in the afflicted sector helps negate the bad energy caused by the inauspicious illness-bringing annual Black Flying Star #2. You can also place the Wu Lou next to your bed to protect you from any illness.

The Feng Shui Herbal Wu Lou in this kit is enhanced with the motif of medicinal herbs and the Medicine Buddha mantra to further magnify its healing energy and bring blessings of good health and prosperity.

Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque for #3 Hostile Star – EAST


Another nasty affliction indicated by the Flying Star chart is the #3 Argumentative Star which resides in the East this year. This hostile star can cause people to turn against each other for no apparent reason, bringing misunderstandings and generally creates bad feelings. In more severe cases the affliction may lead to legal entanglements and court cases. Fortunately, this nasty star can be quite easily subdued with fire energy.

The Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque, with its flame-like outline and red and gold colors symbolizing Fire and Metal respectively – is perfect for subduing and controlling the wood-based #3 Quarrelsome Star. Additionally, the powerful Dharmachakra or Wheel of Law invites protection and wisdom to conquer against evil, ignorance, and desires.

Blue Rhino and Elephant with Water Urn for #7 Violent Star – WEST


At the start of each year, you should take precautions to protect your house from the affliction of the #7 Burglary Star. This violent star which increases the chances of you being robbed, burgled, and cheated resides in the West of the Flying Star chart in 2013. It is imperative to put in place powerful and effective cures to protect your family members and home from this malignant star.

The proven and trusted cure is the Rhinoceros and the Elephant, two of the most protective animals in Feng Shui. Together, they form a formidable deterrent to suppress the negative chi of the #7 Star. The Blue Rhino and Elephant with Water Urn in this kit is thus a powerful cure to protect your home against fighting, robbery, theft, and accidents caused by #7 Red Flying Star. Make sure the urn is always filled with clean water. This together with the blue resin which symbolizes Water is perfect for weakening the malicious metal energy of the #7 Violent Star. Keep your family safe by displaying the Blue Rhino and Elephant with Water Urn here.

The above items are your Feng Shui must-haves in 2013 to protect against harmful stars. All of them can be viewed on our site as individual products with the option to purchase them individually. This kit, as with all our products, has been cleansed of negative energy and empowered with powerful Sheng Ch’i energy making them even more effective for 2013. Remember, protection is the keyword here. It is never too early to be armed & prepared and similarly better late than never. Though it’s great to have all your cures and remedies in place before the start of the New Year, it is also alright if you are a late bloomer, as many who have used them towards the end of the year previously have still gotten great results.

Finally, after making sure that your home is protected from afflictions and harmful stars, you should safeguard yourself personally against harmful energies at all times. For this purpose, we have bundled 2 carries along with an essential card talisman with our 2013 Feng Shui Home Protection Kit. Keep these convenient yet powerful amulets in your wallets so that they are always there with you, to protect you from misfortune and bring you good luck wherever you are.

2013 Grand Duke Jupiter Protection Talisman


Arm yourself with the 2013 Grand Duke Jupiter Protection Talisman to guard against the wrath of Tai Sui. This is especially crucial for those born in the years of Pig, Monkey, Tiger, and Snake which are in conflict with the Grand Duke.

Blue Rhino and Elephant Protection Card


The Blue Rhino and Elephant Protection Card is a handy yet powerful protection against robbery, accidents, office politics, backstabbing, and enemies brought by the Violent #7 Star.

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