Feng Shui and Zodiac Luck Forecast for 2022

Yearly, Chinese astrology emphasises avoidance and also being prepared to confront any problems. The yearly zodiac forecasts aren’t designed to scare people but they’re supposed to remind them to be more aware of what’s in store for the coming year. Furthermore to assist them in avoiding issues and smoothing out their pathways. However, If you know how to fix your zodiac illnesses and maximise for best of luck and wealth, every year will be a fantastic year for you.

We’ve produced a broad prognosis for each person based on their zodiac sign, which is determined by their birth year. Individuals will be given feng shui advice on how to counteract the negative impacts as well as how to improve or strengthen their luck.


When recommending feng shui remedies and enhancers, traditionalists usually evaluate a mix of “three factors”:

  1. Those who use esoteric, religious, imagistic, symbolic, iconic, or magical healing methods.
  2. Individuals who absorb, block, or deflect sha chi employing form and alignment concerns.
  3. People who diminish or improve an element through element interactions.


Enhancers and cures for Feng Shui have souls.

Those who had attained a greater degree of spiritual awareness would have seen that souls exist in all living things. Inanimate things, symbols, and everything else, on the other hand, contain invisible energy vortexes. They have awareness vibrations. Your items will love you back if you adore them. They will respond negatively if you mistrust, condemn, or despise them. To get the intended benefits, all of your feng shui products should throb with nice, cheerful, and pure energy so that they may respond favourably to your care and nurturing.

 Methods to use the zodiac analysis?

At first, the yearly zodiac analysis will be based on in-depth considerations from all sides. Failing to do this for any of these will result in an erroneous analysis. It is usually simple to perform an analysis based on the first two steps, as explained below. However, it takes a knowledgeable master to interpret ancient Chinese texts to perform the third, fourth, and fifth steps. This is why many modern-day masters have failed to make precise solutions for some zodiacs for the year :

  1. Grand Duke Jupiter’s (Tai Sui) position and ailments caused by Flying Stars Feng Shui.
  2. Combination of compatibility and incompatibility with numerous zodiac animal allies and secret friends for


12 Chinese Zodiacs Detailed Luck Analysis
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