What is Chi Lin in Feng Shui?


Chi Lin is one of the eight Taoist symbols. In Asian cultures, symbols hold a lot of value, especially classic imagery like Chi Lin. These emblems are weaved into the vast culture of the East. Many people worldwide appreciate and employ these Asian motifs for their beauty and rich meaning. Of course, it’s important to be respectful and curious about the culture from where these symbols come from. Symbols are beyond artistic representations, as they come to tell a story and offer philosophical teachings and life wisdom. That said, feng shui by no means must include Asian art or imagery. There are many nuances and ways to apply feng shui, and using Chinese symbols is one of the many.

Chi Lin can be found in various decorative items such as jewellery, ceramics, wood and stone carvings, brass and bronze figures, embroideries, etc. You can enhance your Chi Lin if you combine it with other auspicious symbols. For instance, you can have your Chi Lin perched on top of ancient Chinese coins and/or gold ingots to invite in wealth and abundance. In all cases, when using an object as a symbolic feng shui cure, be sure to take good care of it. It’s definitely not good feng shui to neglect an adjustment object and let it become dirty, dusty, or fall into disrepair.

Here are some feng shui applications for Chi Lin in your home and life:
Front Entry

A pair of Feng Shui Chi Lin flanking each side of the main entrance place as door protectors to ward off any negative energies, like challenges and harmful people and events.

Desk or Workspace

Chi Lin can bring overall career success and financial good fortune when placed on the desk or in an office space. A single Chi Lin works fine for this sort of application. Don’t forget to add some Chinese coins for even more wealth and abundance with your work. An image of a Chi Lin is a thoughtful gift for anyone who may be embarking on a new career or job.

Three Killings Cure

Three Chi Lin can protect and overcome the Three Killings. Which is one of the annual afflictions in the feng shui school of Flying Stars.

Center of the Home, the Tai Qi

The centre of the house is called the Tai Qi and is connected to all your life and home areas. It’s also related to your health and overall well-being. A Chi Lin placed in your home’s centre can invite all the beneficial aspects of the symbol. Including joy, prosperity, good health, and long life.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the area of the home that is most connected to its inhabitant. A Chi Lin placed in the master bedroom can help stimulate fertility. Also, assist in creating offspring of all kinds (like projects, financial abundance, etc.).

Wearing Chi Lin Amulets

You can wear Chi Lin on your body by way of jewellery, charms, or embroidery. Chi Lin can act as a protective amulet to block or dissolve difficult people and situations. They protect from gossip and negative influences. Chi Lin can also help you overcome challenges and promote health and prosperity for the bearer.